Author Topic: Letters to Mithan
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Subject: Letters to Mithan
Dear Mithan,

For the sake of our sanity, close the Outpost so that our son will get the hell out of our basement, find a woman (a real woman), and get on with his life!

Concerned Parents of a Certain Outposter

Dear Mithan,

Listen up you rat bastage, the pending closure of the Outpost is BS and I know it can and should be blamed on _________

(A) The Jews!
(b) Governmental Conspiracy
(c) Political Correctness gone amok
(d) Bush
(e) Obama


"I just don't put up with it..It's the only reason why I hate this message board..I can't get physical through a monitor.." Perch
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Subject: Letters to Mithan

You have my parents down to a TEE.


"It's much easier to just bitch on the internet than actually do something." - Altra_Shadowstalker
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