Author Topic: [Decal Dev] No wield weapon class
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Subject: [Decal Dev] No wield weapon class
I am able to consistently pull Mastery info, but the actual class (Light, Finesse, Two Hand, etc) seems to only appear in my dataset IF there's a base Wield Req (eg., 250+, 300+, etc), or if there's a Wield level.

So, if I'm ID'ing a base 250 or higher weapon, say base 250+ Finesse Weapons, then no problem seeing "Finesse Weapons" in the data
If I'm ID'ing a no wield weapon, but there's a level to wield, say 118 Finesse Weapons, then no problem seeing the "Finesse Weapons" in the data
But if I'm ID'ing a truly no wield, no level, no req's at all weapon, it might say "Finesse Weapon" on the in-game ID panel, but I cannot see this data in anything I'm pulling with Decal.

I have a loop setup that, in debug mode, will show me everything Decal knows about the weapon... but I cannot see the associated skill under the condition stated above.

Anyone can halp? Thanks!


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