Author Topic: Genius!
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Subject: Genius!

Read the reviews laugh


"It's much easier to just bitch on the internet than actually do something." - Altra_Shadowstalker
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Title: This is what cool looks like
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Subject: Genius!
Holy crap, that could be mega useful for my tablet when I take it to the beach.


Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity
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Subject: Genius!
lol :P


"templars heal for like 300-400 a heal"
"wardens do waht 40 dps at most? friars do 600 dps"
"well maybe the aoe taunt that bains had..."
"Eck theurg pets are unstunnable..." -- bryldan
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Title: European Imperialist Good Guy
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Subject: Genius!
Lots of replies in swedish that basically goes: OH YOU F'KIN MORONS.


Europa Eternita!
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Subject: Genius!
Note: Of course this application is not charging your phone. You didn't think so, did you?! The only reason for this app is to collect the mentally challenged trolls - who never read the description this far - complaining about every app. Or you can fool your friends with this nice 'charging feature' if you like.



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