Author Topic: I Really Enjoyed Alan Wake
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Subject: I Really Enjoyed Alan Wake
Picked it up on Steam for $29. I loved the game and would recommend it to anyone who digs horror rpg stuff, although I'd suggest waiting for a $20 price. The gameplay is a little jiggy, clearly designed for console controllers, but a lot of good stuff, fun dialog and a decent plot to boot. The Steam version currently ships with the two dlc episodes as well, although I haven't played those.

I'd love a new Cthulhu based rpg with decent backing.


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Subject: I Really Enjoyed Alan Wake
I liked that the story had some ambition, and the few glimpses you get of the completely open world the game was originally going to be are pretty grand. A game where you just mosey around town interacting with Twin Peaks-inspired oddballs would be a lot of fun.

The second DLC has some very inventive elements and moments that do a lot to break up the monotony of the gameplay.


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