Author Topic: Win 7 64bit stuttering video after running AC
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Subject: Win 7 64bit stuttering video after running AC
Wondering if anyone else is having this issue...

After loading a session of AC with Decal, even if for just logging in and right back out, my other videos, whether inside a browser, a local file played in VLC, YouTube vids, all of them start stuttering. It creates a freeze frame about every 1 second. Audio is unaffected. If I re-boot the machine, all videos play normal again. Tested after a fresh re-boot, verified videos running normal, loaded AC, logged out, videos immediately started stuttering.

This started happening a month to 6 weeks ago, and at the time I was running Decal Since upgrading to, the problem hasn't changed at all. I'm running max memory (16gb), and it rarely ever uses over 3 or 4 gb. Gonna see if updating my vid drivers has any effect, but just wanted to know if anyone has ever experienced this...


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