Author Topic: Trilo Raids April 1st -7th
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Subject: Trilo Raids April 1st -7th
Tuesday - April 3rd - 7pm: Albion Dragon Quest. You should have the Moran the Mighty Quest in your Journal. Meet at the entrance to Grimspound. /bg will be up at roughly 6:30 on Dras.

Thursday - April 5th - 7pm: Melee Relics Meet at Forest Sauvage - 3 Relics and done. /bg will be up at roughly 6:30 pm on Proximal.

Saturday - April 7th: All 3 realm dragons and their Mini-Dragons. Meet up will be at the entrance to Dartmoor. We will be doing the Mini-dragons and giving time for people to turn in for quest credit and to get the Dragon Mythirian quest. /bg will be up at 6:30 on Dras.


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