Author Topic: When The Press start calling Protesters Rebels, does your attitude change?
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Subject: When The Press start calling Protesters Rebels, does your attitude change?
Let's face it, someone waving a placard and crying for change versus someone wielding an AK47 and shooting at people makes it pretty easy to see a distinction.

I think Syria and other countries where armed insurrection occurs, albeit sometimes initially justified, evince the downfall of humanity and the rise of barbarism.



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Subject: When The Press start calling Protesters Rebels, does your attitude change?
It's all about the narrative. The press likes to control the narrative or create it instead of simply reporting the facts and leaving the creation of the narrative to politicians and pundits...

Think about: Armed insurgents, rebels, protesters, freedom fighters, guerrilla fighters, disenfranchised civilians, terrorists...

Think about: War, police action, peacekeeping mission...

Language is powerful and choosing terminology is important and meaningful. Look at all the attempts to change the narrative on this Florida case, from all sides - even down to verbal manipulation of the descriptions of the races of the people involved in an attempt to engender sympathy for one side or another without regard for the facts of the case or the evidence or any of the hard details.

There is absolutely intent by any and all modern media outlets to control the narrative and to choose terms designed to sway public opinion one way or another.

On any given day you can find a hundred examples of loaded language in media reports that serves no other purpose than to generate public opinion momentum in one direction or another.

And for the record, there's great power in controlling the narrative. If you get out ahead of the story and get the reporting of it slanted in the direction you want it to go, public opinion will line up behind you and your agenda. There is too much money and power behind the desire to control the narrative for most media to be trusted anymore.


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