Author Topic: Playing Horde for Cata and
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Subject: Playing Horde for Cata and
Finally playing alliance. I was alliance for a long time. When I came back to Cata, like 3 months into the Xpac, I came back to play with a friend. She was Horde so I went to her server and started over. No biggie since I actually prefer leveling to anything else in the game.

Recently I decided to delete one of my 85s and reroll Alliance, so I could do the new Ally stuff. Long story short, the John J Keeshan stuff is really funny, when he yells like Rambo it makes me giggle.

It is a shame how quickly we level these days, I rarely get time to enjoy an entire zone before I outlevel it significantly. I was level 24 or 25 by the time I finished Westfall. Redridge I was level 30 before I finished it. Leveling is too fast for my tastes, but what can ya do.


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Subject: Playing Horde for Cata and
I agree on leveling speed (horde/goblin zones up through 30 felt similar). And trying to level with friends was an exercise in frustration with all the phasing every 20 feet in the goblin starting zones.


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