Author Topic: Mog Madness Is Here!
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Subject: Mog Madness Is Here!

Well ok, I'm a few weeks late, since it has started already. Mog Madness is a transmogging event that is being sponsored by Amateur Azerothian, Tome of the Ancients, and Effraeti?s RP. They'll be doing a total of five rounds for different sets of transmog, each round having it's own specific rules. The first round focused on original cloth outfits.

The results for Round One have been posted as well as the rules for Round Two. You can't enter at this point but you can see some fantastic transmogging. So follow the next few rounds and cheer on your favorite XMogger!

The winners for Round Two will be announced April 1st. Judges, are you suuure that's a good idea?

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