Author Topic: I'ts...AALLIIIIVE!
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Subject: I'ts...AALLIIIIVE!
Well the beta is at least. You know, that one for the new expansion that will be coming out later this year? Mists of Panderia? Blizzard announced last week that the beta was now live and that email invites had been sent out.

So we're getting down to the nitty gritty. Beta is the start of the end. It's been months since the concept for the new expansion was announced and now we get to see some of those concepts put into action.

Don't have beta? Want to check out MoP? Well year subscribers will be recieving invites at some point during the beta. You can also opt-in to beta for a chance to be selected. Good luck and enjoy test driving that Panda! Err.... Panderan.

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