Author Topic: Something that's got to happen before the world Ends.
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Subject: Something that's got to happen before the world Ends.
Isaiah 17:1 — An oracle against Damascus: Look, Damascus is no longer a city. It has become a ruined heap.

Isaiah 17:12-14 — 12 Ah! The roar of many peoples— they roar like the roaring of the seas. The raging of the nations— they rage like the raging of mighty waters. 13 The nations rage like the raging of many waters. He rebukes them, and they flee far away, driven before the wind like chaff on the hills and like dead thistles before a gale. 14 In the evening—sudden terror! Before morning—it is gone! This is the fate of those who plunder us and the lot of those who ravage us.

Jeremiah 49:23-27 — 23 About Damascus: Hamath and Arpad are put to shame… 24 Damascus has become weak; she has turned to run; panic has gripped her. Distress and labor pains have seized her like a woman in labor. 25 How can the city of praise not be abandoned, the town that brings Me joy? 26 Therefore, her young men will fall in her public squares; all the warriors will be silenced in that day. … 27 I will set fire to the wall of Damascus; it will devour Ben–hadad’s citadels.

Syria has to go.



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