Author Topic: Need some help desk top keeps shutting off and on
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Subject: Need some help desk top keeps shutting off and on
windows 7
intel core i7-920 2.66ghz
3gb ddr3
ati radeon hd4850 512mb
1tb hd
psu fsp 450w
gateway fx 6800-01

After a year of having this cpu the hard drive failed and had to get a new one. then about a year and a half later it starts to mess up again. first it just shut off when i would load swtor then it would turn on for 3-7 secs and shut off again and repeat itself. so i tried all my memory sticks one by one and they all passed. then i took it to staples to have there easy tech dept to fix it and that was a fail. they told me it was my motherboard and then a day later said it was not my motherboard but my OS. so i just picked up my cpu refomatted my OS turned it on and all was good for a day. Then i turn it on the next day and here we go again it shuts off and reboots. so i let it rest because when i do that i can start it and have time to get to cmos or load windows for a few seconds.(before i did the reformat it would go to start up repair dont know if this is because of the reboots)in cmos i checked my temps all good. i was told my PSU should be replaced to a name brand and where it says +12v it should be no higher or lower by .5 which it is at 11.904v. also when i was in cmos my computer did shut off 2 times so i know its not my OS. thats what i read on another site to test it. so any input would be a great help before i throw this thing out the window. thankyou for your time.


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Subject: Need some help desk top keeps shutting off and on
Its your PSU.  


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