Author Topic: Google Music really blows in my opinion
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Subject: Google Music really blows in my opinion
I usually buy all my music from Amazon. But lately with Google promoting it's Play branding with 25 cent albums, I've decided to buy a few and try it out.

I don't like either the Amazon MP3 or Google Play Music apps for playing my music, they both suck donkey balls big time. I use PlayerPro. So being able to download my music is critically important. With Amazon MP3 it's insanely easy. Just tap and hold on an album, artist, or individual song to download. And then I can play them with PlayerPro. Perfect.

With Google Play Music... sigh... holy crap it's ugly and bad.

I know I can pin music offline. But I'm tap holding on my songs and can't find the option. I'm messing around, looking at settings. And after a while I eventually figure out I can ONLY pin full albums offline and I can only do this in certain areas, in some places. This is so terribly limiting and intuitive.

And it gets worse. Music that is pinned offline is not playable by other apps. Not sure where the music goes. There is no download option the Play Music app. I have to go to the website and download it.

And it gets even more worse. Google Music has a 2 download limit from the web. WTF!?

This can't be this bad, can it? Am I doing something wrong?


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