Author Topic: Anyone here remember Ruthless and his chain gang?
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Subject: Anyone here remember Ruthless and his chain gang?
Reposting this from a thread on ACF since I went so far down memory lane with this one. And what's up everybody how's it!

I actually sometimes look back on asheron's call and find things applicable.. Not just the increased vocabulary as a kid..

But looking back on it - my experience running the biggest macro chain on solclaim (not sure about other servers and what their plans / XP produced was but ours was good enough for me to say it might have been the best [Ruthless]) Basically I became the leader of the chain, well - co-leader (I think his name was.. Droz?) and turned rogue leader..

I started a group at the top of the chain for people willing to commit to 24/7 macroing.

This I akin to big government helping big business.

Now, I did this not only for selfish reasons, but also for the reason that they should be rewarded if they were going to be pumping so much more XP than their counter-parts. This was LITERAL 24/7, and we'd watch out for one another when it came to getting banned. Actually did VERY well at keeping each other from getting banned. So well one time I woke up from a dream because I heard the admin alarm in the dream.

I had a character that was in the higher eschelons just leeching xp and we'd make a billion a day from vassal xp.

There was maybe 10-20 characters at the top top, Then there was 8 or 9 in the 24/7 crew, then there was about 200 under all of us.

Now, my ingenious idea went beyond just pimping the bejesus out of the already HUMONGOUS chain and making a powerhouse macro team at the tippy top... (I know I know. Lemme geek out.)

I also felt for the little guy.

It's where I started.

I wanted to make the best of getting to where I got, and didn't know what else to do except make the chain as efficient and 'logical' as possible even though it meant plucking people out of the chain and putting them at the top. This was already being done for free for leaders so I figured why not open a slot right UNDER the leaders for people willing to really whore it up?

Anywho, once I did that, I decided to start a new character. "Attend this" was his name, and I can't believe I remember that. As in dodge this. Because he never really macrod. He simply leached off of our 24/7 macroing squad!!

I announced to the chain that I was doing this, and I got all the new recruits in, and got the entire chain setup nice and neatly, and then I swore my level 1 character in and we began a journey...

Got him to 50 asap and began leaching off of my very own 24/7 fellowship.. From the bottom of the chain, all the way to the top, FROM the top. It was genius. The characters I had my guy sworn to were leveling so fast, We had the bottom half of the chain MANDATORY LEADERSHIP. MANDATORY XP ON LOYALTY/LEADER!

It was an xp avalanche of epic proportions and it made the entire chain happy. It was an unstoppable beast of a template for any chain on any server, if only they hadn't changed how XP between patron/vassals worked.

Raise the roof from the ground up, it's the smartest way. My chain was revolting while I was setting all this up because it took a good 2-3 weeks for everyone in the chain to meet up, swear in however they had to swear in, and then confirm it on our forum.. We had track of all the levels/xp and people would change spots the instant they passed their patron by a level. Kept competition going, and took the whole patron/vassal relationship into more of a communal one. Hence the reason they were angry about the macro chain on top of their chain because it was already a fierce competition amongnst everyone. Then they finally got linked together and started feeling the fruits of their labor, no one complained because it meant the 75 super low levels who weren't making any xp before are now all going to be high level xp generators! Meaning everyone that stayed in the chain with us got a huge new chain below them, and everyone that JUST joined the chain got free xp from me. I in turn gained their trust, their loyalty, their hearts, their penises, and yes - their anusi. I mean vaginas! VAGINAS! Anyway, that is my most enjoyed moment of post-macro AC, it was quite the puzzle, and had many lessons.

So... Yeah. We need more level 50s leaching off the 24/7 macroers of the world to help us out.


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