Author Topic: ~*~ m0rning FF ~*~ 3/5
Title: Troll Wrangler
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Subject: ~*~ m0rning FF ~*~ 3/5

/sets out coffee and waffles.


You have entered a dark cave. You see a N00b starting useless threads.
Do you want to (F)arm, F(L)ame, (R)eply, (I)gnore, Ra(N)t? > L
Your flames easily prove what a moron she is!
A Moderator enters from the west!
You have been banned! Play again? Y/N
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Title: Smells like Hotdogs and Tastes like Bacon
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Subject: ~*~ m0rning FF ~*~ 3/5
What? No bacon? talk_hand


(Hotdogs * Bacon)^CLiKK™ cool = love
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Subject: ~*~ m0rning FF ~*~ 3/5
Good ... afternoon, now. lol. tongue


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Title: The Last Freebooter
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Subject: ~*~ m0rning FF ~*~ 3/5
I hate it when work gets in the way of my posting tongue

/e leaves out some wine, cheese and crackers


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