Author Topic: Engadget's best of 2011, reader and editors choice...
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Subject: Engadget's best of 2011, reader and editors choice...

No surprises to me really. I agree with the editors more than the readers, but all and all can't argue to much.

What do you guys think?


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Subject: Engadget's best of 2011, reader and editors choice...
iPhone 4S probably won for the readers because it was released earlier in the year and accessible on most carriers. The Galaxy Nexus launched during December on one carrier in the US.

iPad 2 definitely the tablet of the year. Love or hate Apple, Google and Android manufactures keep dropping the ball. Honeycomb was a big disappointment, Android 4 is an improvement, but only ASUS shipped a tablet with it and unfortunately the hardware was a disaster.

E-reader of the year... bah the Kindle Fire is a tablet, not an e-reader. I just bought an $80 Kindle (the one without the touch screen) and am really impressed. I had a Kindle 3 a while ago and returned it. Liked the Kindle 3, just not at $150. This new Kindle is much lighter and more compact without the keyboard. And the $80 price tag is much more to my liking. This would be my candidate for e-reader of the year.

Console of the year, seems like a silly category for something that gets released once every 5 to 8 years. Haha. But Xbox seemed to have a good year thanks to the buzz about the Kinect I suppose. I'm kinda disappointed the $200 Xbox has no hard drive though, seems silly to sell a console without any kind of hard drive. Especially when it's still using DVDs for games. I'm so ready for the next generation to start, I'm not happy with either.

Worst gadget of the year. The editors say the Thunderbolt because of it's horrible battery life. I actually found a Thunderbolt on a sidewalk once. Looked like it was tossed from a card, has a shattered LCD, the battery and back cover were gone. It had a 32GB micro SD card in it, my lucky day. The readers say the Playbook was the worst gadget. Just amazing RIM launched a tablet OS without an email client, so funny. But the real problem is nobody wants to develop apps for it and that's the real problem. Just doesn't seem to be room for a third player. I think the readers got the better choice.


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