Author Topic: ~*~ m0rning FF ~*~ 3/01
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Subject: ~*~ m0rning FF ~*~ 3/01
Well, well. It's March! happy

/e flips her calendar over, and is slightly disheartened to see that the cat for March doesn't have a pink nose.

Ah, well. Hmm... the morning thread. Breakfasty things, yes. Let's see, what do we have here?

/e lays out a bigass pile of oranges, a dish of individually wrapped vivarin tablets, a few two liters of pop, and a tray full of cigarettes, then pauses, momentarily lost in thought.

Something is missing... aha.

/e sets out a huge godalmighty ashtray, then lights a candle and leaves it sitting nearby.

Imo, if an ashtray isn't big enough to hold at least two packs worth of butts, then it isn't big enough, period. mischief

/e flips on some Ozzy.

Better, and good morning. grin


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Subject: ~*~ m0rning FF ~*~ 3/01
Morning! Er, afternoon.:)


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