Author Topic: Chances of "Pre Patch" Loot This Patch?
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Subject: Chances of "Pre Patch" Loot This Patch?
Will the nerfs that I'd imagine are coming make the loot this patch be worth more next patch?

Deciding if I should resub to burn these keyrings now or just wait until I come back ... whenever that happens.



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Subject: Chances of "Pre Patch" Loot This Patch?
I haven't got the feeling from the dev chat on the turbine boards that the weapon damage itself is up for much modification (other then perhaps fixing some old weapons that were converted incorrectly during the patch). I think most of the issues are around PVP and there are hidden modifiers they can tweak to adjust that. You may see some skills adjusted, i.e. slow down the speed of dual wield, nerf the damage or debuff strength of dirty fighting and sneak attack, etc...

I am not even sure those are going to happen, however that seems more likely than nerfing weapons themselves. Frankly the weapons themselves are not that much more powerful than before, most of the balance concerns are around PVP and how the new combat skills are interacting.

YMMV...anything is possible.


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