Author Topic: ML10 Farm - Thursday, February 16th - 7 to 10 PM EST
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Subject: ML10 Farm - Thursday, February 16th - 7 to 10 PM EST
Meet up is at the island in Agramon if you are not sure of where it is at I will be waiting outside of the Hibernian entrance to the Labyrinth at 6:30pm before moving to the island at quarter to 7 EST. I will have the /bg up on Dras.

You must be ml9. We will need a few shield tanks and an agro tank or two, perhaps a thug or two for spam, a few heat debuffers, even more healers and the rest Heretics, the more the merrier. If you are new to the server and do not have a toon that fits those criteria you are still welcome to come out but everyone else should be bringing toons that will be useful. Of course if we get a lot of people then anything will work but depending on turnout we will need to be as efficient as possible.

Loot will be at Proximal's house, Scales will be divided amongst the members of the /bg. We will /random moving down the list from high to low. Low roll will get two picks and whatever is left will be handed out in random piles. I want to farm ML10 for a couple of weeks getting as much of the gear into the server economy as possible. See my posts for Tuesday and Thursday for this week.

I hope to see you there.


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