Author Topic: SSD price check
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Subject: SSD price check
Anyone got a 120 or 128 price right now that would beat this for some upgrades?


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Subject: SSD price check
Nothing on slickdeals or techbargains?


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Subject: SSD price check
Price seems pretty bad.
I have seen 85000 IOPS drives with 500MB/s read/write and 2 Mil hours MTBF for around $1.1/GB on techbargains.
Compared to this drive's 45000 IOPS, 175MB/s write and 1.2 Mil hrs MTBF for $1.36/GB.

If you are not in a hurry I'd say wait a month or two until they have another of these deals.

If you just have to buy now I would go with something more like this one:

Has a rebate now and ends us being about $165 for 120GB.


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