Author Topic: XFX RMA completed
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Subject: XFX RMA completed
Earlier in the month I sent in my XFX Radeon 6950 to have the stock heatsink fixed/replaced. It wouldn't seat properly causing really high temps. I was a bit worried, because I had removed the heatsink and really never used it before, since I was water cooling the card. After the great flood of 2011, I decided to go back to air cooling and then noticed the problem with the heatsink. Warranty void stickers were all over it, but XFX said they still cover removing the heatsink anyway.

The RMA took a bit longer than I liked, but I imagine I'll say that about every RMA because I'm impatient. Took almost two weeks after they got it, to "test" it. But the finally concluded it was faulty and shipped me a replacement.

Got the replacement today. Some good and some bad news for me.

The bad news is I had a stock reference 6950 that had the shader unlock applied to it. They shipped me a non-reference 6950, custom PCB, zero chance this can have it's shaders unlocked. Doesn't even have the dual BIOS switch.

The good news, those extra shaders didn't really make that much difference anyway, the extra clock speeds seem to be bigger difference between the 6950 and 6970. Also the card is 1 inch shorter. It has a custom heatsink on it, using a larger blow down fan that doesn't really blow out the back of the case like the stock fan does. My case has good air flow so this is fine. The custom heatsink seems to cool a bit better, almost 10C cooler, and is quieter than the stock reference card. It's also a lot lighter.

So I guess it's all good.


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