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Subject: Topic of the Week - Looking for Raid

MMO-Champion has been busy the last month or two! Analyzing data and posting their findings about certain aspects (no pun intended) of the game. The latest post shows progression for this last patch and one can't help but notice how relatively few people have completed the Dragon Soul raid on Normal difficulty. Do you think the Looking For Raid feature is going to trivialize normal and heroic modes? Do you think the average person/guild will 'bother' completing the raid in normal or heroic modes? Or will the lure of better gear keep most people reaching for the carrot? Are you concerned that those difficulty options will go away if so few players complete it? Do you use the Looking for Raid? Do you think it's a good feature for the game or a bad one? Or is it more complicated than that?

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Subject: Topic of the Week - Looking for Raid
Amusing. Apparently, much to the chagrin of the bridge trolls in here, most folks are more interested in running the raid and enjoying the content at an easier (read: less tedious/onerous) difficulty level in spite of getting lower-iLevel gear from it.

Interesting, too, that this has zero relevance to "new blood" as 2/3 of raiders that did Firelands before LFR was introduced chose to do Dragon Soul on LFR.

It is probably worth noting that this does not show people who only farmed gear from raids and never actually completed the entire raid. I have no idea what percentage that might be, though I'm assuming fairly low as I would guess the final boss would be included even if you're doing farm raids. Or am I wrong?


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Subject: Topic of the Week - Looking for Raid
A lot of people run it, and a lot of raiding guilds running it in guild groups to hand out easy gear. Good way to gear people out.



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