Author Topic: Cooler Master Cosmos II
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Subject: Cooler Master Cosmos II
Cooler Master Cosmos II case reviewed by Legit Reviews

This thing is a monster. So much a monster Cool Master refers to it as an "Ultra Tower".

* Has room for 11 internal 3.5 drives, 2 more 3.5 inch hotswap and 3 5.25 inch drives in front.
* Has a 200mm fan in front, 140mm in back, room for 3x120 or 2x140 or 1x200mm fan(s) on top.
* Can fit a 3x120mm radiator in the top and another 2x120mm radiator in the bottom (after removing two of the hard drive cages).
* The side doors are on hinges now, that can slide off. And are up to 1 inch thick in the middle.

I have the original Cosmos and Cosmos S cases right now. Both are pretty freaking large and this thing definitely even bigger. Wish they had some side by side pics though. It's also heavy. The reviewer wished they had included caster wheels.

Of course all the excess comes at a price. This price is $350.


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Subject: Cooler Master Cosmos II
mmm want.
Love me a big PC case. My current one is the original CM Stacker and it has room for 11 Hard Drives, but this thing here is a behemot.
Would fit tall heatsinks very nicely.


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Subject: Cooler Master Cosmos II
do a lot of people buy these? i thought i splurged on a Lancool K62 case. That thing is huge and so much space. There's absolutely zero reason to get a case that's bigger for personal use.


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Subject: Cooler Master Cosmos II
No thanks. I've got an Antech p160w or whatever it is and I look forward to getting rid of it and putting in a smaller case.


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Subject: Cooler Master Cosmos II
I have the first generation of that. It is a freaking heavy duty aluminum beast that can survive anything. I got it as a splurge a long damn time ago when I was tired of dealing with crappy cases and haven't regretted it since. I've upgraded and rebuilt in it 3-4 times since.

Those handles on top aren't just there for decoration, lol.


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