Author Topic: Nvidia GTX 560 TI 448 CUDA edition
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Subject: Nvidia GTX 560 TI 448 CUDA edition
Nvidia has released a new card called the "GTX 560 TI with 448 CUDA cores". However the name is kind of a poor choice since it uses the more powerful GTX 570 GPU (GF110) and not the lesser GTX 560/560 TI GPU (GF114). The only difference between this and a GTX 570 is Nvidia reduced the CUDA core count from 480 to 448, otherwise same card.

This review's tests show the GTX 560 TI with 448 CUDA cores is just a tiny bit slower than the GTX 570 and a lot faster than the GTX 560 TI. And at $290 it's priced between the $240 GTX 560 TI and $340 GTX 570. On average it's about the same as a Radeon 6950 1GB, which is cheaper at $250.

But this card will only be available for a limited time (not sure why). Looks like a pretty good deal though.


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