Author Topic: Level 8 Spells Plugin Idea
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Subject: Level 8 Spells Plugin Idea
1stly let me say I cannot programme to save my life but if anyone out there wants a Decal Plugin suggestion heres one I would love to see.

A Plugin that lists all Level 8 spells and can sense learned and missing spells and if you have components to make missing spells.

1. Maybe something like a List of all Level 8 spells broken down into classes (Life, Item, Critter,
Void) showing all the component icons.
2. When you select a specific spell from either of the classes it lists the components needed to make the spell.
3. Indicate if the spell is Already Learned or in need of Learning.
4. If not to difficult highlights the Spell components you have as well as all the comps needed to make it.
5. The if possible a button to Make the spell automatically by combining the required comps is it is amissing spell.

Another nicety would be profiles for each character so you can art a glance se what each character requires.

Heres hoping :-)


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Subject: Level 8 Spells Plugin Idea
might be the meantime I'll continue to use "Make It" to create my level 8 scrolls.


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Subject: Level 8 Spells Plugin Idea
I second this. ScrollReader3 or whatever its called does some of this, but is missing the "make this level 8 spell and learn it" option.


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Subject: Level 8 Spells Plugin Idea
I've had something like this in mind for quite awhile. However, I am still just learning to make plugins for Decal, so it might be a bit before I can get to it. Wouldn't be surprised if someone beat me to it. wink


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Subject: Level 8 Spells Plugin Idea
Tings is out

On the Reference-Spells tab in AC Companion, you will find something that may help.

It will let you pick a toon then have options
for seeing spells based on self/other/known/not known and spell level.
The Self/other spells are just the spells needed for my buffbot and self buffing my toons.

You can also see who has or needs view rings,recall and fellow spells.

You can do based on school and level as well.

Now if Tings Chef had the recipes for level 8 spells it could make them.
If someone wants to send me their MakeIt file I can put them into next release.
(If one had MakeIt recipes for lvl 8 you could import into Ting's Chef.)


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