Author Topic: Bots for other games?
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Subject: Bots for other games?
How hard would it be to start from scratch writing a decal type plugin for other games? Does it use packet sniffing, or is it all client side? I would love to learn. The only bots I can write are in AC Tool. Which can be pretty powerful. But one little change to the interface and all your work has to be changed. I could write a powerful bot in AC Tool, however one thing eludes me. Navigation is tough! I know someone has done it before but it was rough around the edges, and it all depends on the navigation tools that are given to you in the game.

I imagine there aren't many resources on this topic sad


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Subject: Bots for other games?
I remember there being a similar post (almost word for word) from about a year ago..


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Subject: Bots for other games?
There are some good nav procedures for AC written in ACTool but I don't believe they can be discussed on these boards.


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