Author Topic: Galaxy Nexus launched last week in London. Good news, it's not in North America.
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Subject: Galaxy Nexus launched last week in London. Good news, it's not in North America.
North Americans, most Europeans, and pretty much everyone not in the UK saw with envy as the Galaxy Nexus finally launched last week at one London retailer (kinda like the Galaxy Tab 10.1 launch only showing up at one NYC store at first).

But the good news for everyone that wants this phone and can't get it yet. Apparently this means more time to fix a bug early buyers and found. Seems there is an issue with the 2G radio causing interference that makes the volume immediately drop to mute. Guys at XDA are pretty sure it's a hardware issue because it can be duplicated even during the boot loader.

A UK retailer posted this..

"We now have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in stock at Clove Technology and will begin shipping orders tomorrow. We are aware that some users that purchased handsets from other outlets last week have reported problems with the volume changing erratically. We have been in touch with Samsung regarding this and have been told that our stock has since been through an additional quality control check and should not have the problem. Nonetheless, we will also be testing several handsets ourselves to check for the problem this evening."

So it sounds like we shouldn't see this issue by the time it gets to us. Also the issue seems to only be with the 900MHz GSM band, which no US carriers use anyway, other 2G GSM and CDMA radios seem fine.


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