Author Topic: Newest Google Market kills my rooted Nook Color - Update, not Market, Adobe.
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Subject: Newest Google Market kills my rooted Nook Color - Update, not Market, Adobe.
I got the newest Google Market yesterday, an update that includes Google's new Music section. All seemed fine until today when I rebooted my rooted Nook Color, it would not boot back up. Would just hang at the "Nook Color" animation.

I messed around with this for a while and determined I can't get this working again. So I did a complete factory wipe. Set it back up, rooted it again. Everything is fine at first. Then the new Market installs. And after I do a reboot, it breaks again.

I ended up doing a factory wipe/restore and root, 3 or 4 times because I thought something else was causing the problem. Then I finally just did absolutely nothing and the only thing that changed was the Market updating itself. Only when I reboot after getting the new Market does the Nook stop working.

Don't know if it's just me or not yet. But might want to be careful if you have a Nook Color with the newest Market.

Update: After quite a bit of time wipe and restoring my Nook, along with many XDA posts, the problem has been found. It wasn't the Market. But an Adobe AIR update that gets installed at the same time. When I launch the Market for the first time, it'll automatically update apps that are already installed. This included Adobe AIR. I think it's something with how the rooting tool pre-installs some of these apps. Adobe Flash also causes problems if it's pre-loaded.

If you cancel or remove the update to Adobe AIR or Adobe Flash, before rebooting. Then all will be fine. Using Titanium Backup, you can uninstall the two Adobe products (I only had Adobe AIR on mine) and then install it normally from the Market and it will be fine.


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