Author Topic: Parental Controls Email to EU Accounts /w Annual Pass
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Subject: Parental Controls Email to EU Accounts /w Annual Pass
Emails were sent to EU accounts with parental controls activated who signed up for the Annual Pass/Diablo III promotion. Tailyda confirmed these emails as legit:
This is a legit e-mail that has been sent out to players who have parental controls activated on their account. For those who are worried that it may be sent to their wrong e-mail address, keep in mind that it is being sent to the e-mail address for the parent or guardian and if you need to updated this address, please contact our Account and Payment team.

I apologise for any confusion caused. happy

The original email looks like this:
Dear parent or guardian,

We are writing to you to let you know that the owner of a account for which you have registered as the parent or guardian has signed up for the World of Warcraft Annual Pass promotion. This promotion offers a free digital copy of our forthcoming game Diablo III when players commit to a 12-month subscription for World of Warcraft.

However, as Diablo III has been rated as PEGI-16 (USK-16 in Germany), we are writing to you to let you know that this promotion will automatically be removed from the account on November 28, 2011. Once the promotion is removed from the account, the account holder will once again be able to modify their existing World of Warcraft subscription, including removing recurring payments.

If you instead wish to continue with this promotion and secure a free copy of Diablo III for the account holder when it is launched, please reply to this email before November 28, 2011 stating that you, as the parent or guardian, are happy to continue.

If you have any questions or further requirements, telephone numbers and further help from our Customer Support department can be found at

With best regards,
Blizzard Entertainment Europe

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