Author Topic: Need help with v tank looting on olthoi cov armor
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Subject: Need help with v tank looting on olthoi cov armor
[VTank] --------------Object dump--------------
[VTank] Has Identify Data: True
[VTank] ID: B9BCF38B
[VTank] ObjectClass: Armor
[VTank] (S) Name: Copper Olthoi Bracers
[VTank] (S) FullDescription: Olthoi Bracers of Regeneration
[VTank] (B) Dyeable: True
[VTank] (I) CreateFlags1: -2128117608
[VTank] (I) Type: 37213
[VTank] (I) Icon: 11230
[VTank] (I) Category: 2
[VTank] (I) Behavior: 18
[VTank] (I) Value: 7852
[VTank] (I) Unknown10: 1
[VTank] (I) IconOutline: 1
[VTank] (I) Container: 1343333462
[VTank] (I) Slot: -1
[VTank] (I) EquipableSlots: 4096
[VTank] (I) EquippedSlots: 0
[VTank] (I) Coverage: 8192
[VTank] (I) Burden: 192
[VTank] (I) Material: 59
[VTank] (I) PhysicsDataFlags: 137217
[VTank] (I) WieldReqValue2: 150
[VTank] (I) WieldReqValue: 350
[VTank] (I) ActivationReqSkillId: 6
[VTank] (I) GemSettingQty: 2
[VTank] (I) GemSettingType: 22
[VTank] (I) SkillLevelReq: 390
[VTank] (I) Unenchantable: 9999
[VTank] (I) Workmanship: 9
[VTank] (I) Spellcraft: 370
[VTank] (I) CurrentMana: 1361
[VTank] (I) DescriptionFormat: 7
[VTank] (I) MaximumMana: 1361
[VTank] (I) ArmorLevel: 442
[VTank] (I) LoreRequirement: 192
[VTank] (I) WieldReqType2: 7
[VTank] (I) WieldReqType: 2
[VTank] (I) RankRequirement: 0
[VTank] (I) WieldReqAttribute2: 1
[VTank] (I) WieldReqAttribute: 6
[VTank] (I) EquippedBy: 0
[VTank] (D) SalvageWorkmanship: 9
[VTank] (D) ManaRateOfChange: -0.0666666666666667
[VTank] (D) SlashProt: 1.5
[VTank] (D) PierceProt: 1.29999995231628
[VTank] (D) BludgeonProt: 1.5
[VTank] (D) ColdProt: 1.39999997615814
[VTank] (D) FireProt: 1
[VTank] (D) AcidProt: 0.800000011920929
[VTank] (D) LightningProt: 1
[VTank] Palette Entry 0: ID 0x001E27, Ex Color: 006BEA, 96/12
[VTank] Palette Entry 1: ID 0x001E3C, Ex Color: D50E0E, 108/8

i want it to loot the exact two colors for base and vien, i can not get it to work properly please help


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