Author Topic: Is Final Fantasy 14 salvageable?
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Subject: Is Final Fantasy 14 salvageable?

I went to this game with high anticipation with coworkers. “Top of the line graphics” – they boasted. So my nice super system was going to actually be blaring with state of the art graphics and sounds and I was all for it. I lasted less than a week. This is by far the worst game I have ever played and the reputation it has puts it along the same popularity as Nixon.

So what did they do? Fired the entire staff and rebuilt. About a year ago they made it free and promised updates and this is the mail we got today. Do the updates make it fixable? I’m in the middle.

To fire my mage I have to click a button.. click the target… choose ae or single target.. click the target again.. and hit the mouse button to execute. It’s horrendous. I tried to play it several times, and each time it just made me log on – try to kill a mob- and quit.

Is it doomed or does this even sound remotely promising?


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