Author Topic: Scroll of Resurrection?
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Subject: Scroll of Resurrection?
I would really appreciate a Scroll of Resurrection. After actually looking into the new expansion I'm very glad I didn't sell my account for $50. (Hey, I only have one character played for about a year and was struggling a little)

I went from wanting to be a Tree (which I didn't get to enjoy all that much cause it turned into a cool down not too long after I started playing) to being some kind of Panda..At least I've given up Secondlife, right?

Anyways, you'd be doing me a HUGE favor since I'll have something to do and hopefully not rage so much at work.

Now that I'm done with my gimmick, here's some info that would help you to help me. *wink wink*

I play on US servers. My characters name is Misschevious and I play on the server Zuluhead.



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