Author Topic: OT: For Gab's Clan's Eyes Only
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Subject: OT: For Gab's Clan's Eyes Only
Since the P.O.D site is down, I'll use this for my usual type of postings until someone important takes exception to it, if that's okay with y'all happy
So thx to a clannie for spawning an idea ingame while we were just goofing in /a, here is a more developed version in good time for the traditional soul-searing nightmarish conclusion of October.
Hope you like it happy


Vroom on a Broom

boiling cauldron
rum rom pom

filling glass vials
debauched wretch
evil pledge
midnight dial

roaming the sky
fly by night
spreading blight
my oh my

circling on high
pumpkin pies
rain from skies
fee foh fie

flying hands free
scary scene
trick or treat

cackling witches
hell's bitches
vroom on a broom
vroom vroom vroom


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Subject: OT: For Gab's Clan's Eyes Only
im old

this dude CRAzy


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