Author Topic: Tip of the Day - Getting There!
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Subject: Tip of the Day - Getting There!

"There are many things in game that help you get from point A to point B now. The guild ability Have Group Will Travel, special tabards such as the Argent Crusader's tabard, lock summons, mage portals, the Innkeeper's Daughter, engineering moleholes and teleporters. You don't have to take the boat or the bird anymore! Have Group Will Travel will even work on people not from your sever when used in a random dungeon setting."

Submitted by: PallyDog

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Subject: Tip of the Day - Getting There!
The Innkeeper's Daughter? What, you /use innkeeper's daughter, which then ports you to the second story of the nearest inn, throws you out of the window and summons the local farmers to chase you out of town with pitchforks?


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