Author Topic: Brand new tradebot up in the Marketplace ~
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Subject: Brand new tradebot up in the Marketplace ~
Been awhile since I've seen any new bots up in the Marketplace, so I thought it would be time to open one up for business. The name is Brutwo, and he is stocked with 150+ double/tripple majors, Epics, set majors, set epics, unimbued weapons, imbued/tinkered weapons, and all that fun stuff.

As of right now, he has a handful of no-wield majors and a few low-wield tinked/imbued bows...But other than those few (which will probably go pretty fast), this is not the place to look for starter gear! Everything else is tier 6/7 loot! As of right now, he is stocked with 185 items.

If anyone runs into any problems, lemme know!



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