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Subject: John Glover
The Dresden Files are the only books I've ever listened to on audio, James Marsters made it enjoyable and my wife and I enjoyed them that way. I was pretty pissed when John Glover was hired to do the audio, but after listening to him read for a while I have to admit it's not bad. It's a little jarring hearing the new voices for characters that I've become accustomed to, but at least they got another accomplished actor that can pull sarcasm off very well, instead of some pompous British narrator that seem to be popular these days.


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Subject: John Glover
I love pompous British narrators.


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Subject: John Glover
i hated it. he turned a gritty noir paranormal mystery series into a goofball pos with his stupid narrating style. hopefully james will be back for the next book...the only reason he missed this one was scheduling conflicts and that was prolly caused by the delays in the books release time.


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Subject: John Glover
vn_jurojin posted:
...some pompous British narrator...

I like those narrators. They have an innate lilt to their voices. Its captivating.


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