Author Topic: Friday Night Raid !! BG open at 7:30pm moving at 8pm EST
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Subject: Friday Night Raid !! BG open at 7:30pm moving at 8pm EST
Good Afternoon !! Tonight I will be forming up a BG for a fun filled run. I would like to take a run through Summoners Hall to brush up on things in advance of the next patch. Would also like to do some keeps or relics, will depend on how many people we get out !!

Anyone is welcome as always. Come on out for a fun filled Evening !!

Raid Rules :

~ The raid is meant for fun, and friendship above all !!
~ Stay behind the banner and listen to direction, and please don't cast your banner unless asked to do so
~ Above all have a good time with friends on a Friday night
~ Remember anyone is welcome on the raid.

Loot Rules :

~ I ask that you remove bots from the BG at the end of the raid so to allow everyone a
chance at an item
~ Any Seals or scales will be divided evenly between live members of the bg or if they are not in a large quantity they will be put into loot
~ Lotto will be draft style to ensure everyone gets at least 1 piece
~ I will be randomizing or using trivia for RoG as we go

~ We will also be using the Lotto Sorter again this week, here's the link if you want to get it set up ahead of time:

I am in hopes that we will have a fun evening once again with the friends of the Gaheris Community !! Hope to see everyone tonight for a fun night !!

Amy rose


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Subject: Friday Night Raid !! BG open at 7:30pm moving at 8pm EST
I have been wanting to revisit Summoner's Hall too!

I'll Join you right at 730. I can tank for you Amy,(Warrior, templated and High RR) and if you need any toon just ask I have most. I have two accounts. See you tonight.


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