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Subject: Camelot Flashback - Retro Videos
This week on Camelot Flashback Retro Videos, we take a look back to a few more of my favorite videos, starting with a perfect showcase to how hard it was to play a minstrel solo in old frontiers.

Here is a video of my friend jestyc, his retirement video even, of him flawlessly defeating 2 mids using a frost stallion pet. Notice how he twists speed and charm on an OJ pet and never uses his mouse to target his enemies. happy


The next video on the list is another Aladora video. This time, a tribute to a fallen dark age friend Tabbie. A series of screenshots and video clips taken in memory of her. Part of the video was taped on gaheris, with many friends gathering in blue robes at the church outside the north gates of camelot in her honor. The last clip was taken outside the old Alb Mile Gate in old frontiers.

Aladora - Remember Tabbie

Here are a few submissions ive gotten from various VN readers that i also thought were great videos.

My Immortal

Granas's 3rd Video

If you have any videos you would like to see showcased please send me a PM


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