Author Topic: Camelot Flashback - VN Reading!
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Subject: Camelot Flashback - VN Reading!

Camelot Flashback today is a trip down VN memory lane, with some threads and posts from back in the day. I'm starting this week with Merlin and Lancelot, and purposefully picked those 2 servers together due to the fun and friendship between them, and Lancelot being my home server.


Although a lot of old threads were lost to the VN prune gods, there are still some memorable threads to sift through. For example, Dark Arcane ("extreme PvP skills): radar users named and shamed? So they left the server, yet were missed, and their leaving made RvR in Emain suck, and stuff :'(

Dark Wolves were a disgrace to the realm of Midgard, and should go to Albion where apparantly it was OK to charge for rez'ing people, steal pulls etc! Drama!

And Desolute don't radar, but The Guardians were better than them anyway! Others thought Desolate were pretty good players actually.

Here's some early stuff for any old Merlin/Hib people, 2003 - Merlin Hibernia - A History.

And a blast from the past: Nearsight was awesome in 2002!


My home server, Lancelot was the best!!! Lance rules, the rest drools, etc. But for most, when you think of Lancelot what's the most common names that'll enter your mind? Mistwraith and Ninajc.

So I'm starting Lancelot's flashback with them:

Grats on RR12 Mist! May 20th, 2005 - the first?
Even though Fanfan was doing PBAE while Mistwraith was in diapers. That told us.

Did anyone ever figure out Ninjac's spec?

Lancelot also had it share of cheating accusations, it even had confessions, who could forget Cloro?

Lancelot in a nutshell:
Albs are "aweful", Mids don't care and Hibs got nerfed. All together now!

We do have an exact date for when 8v8 died, though.

Also, AE Stun + PBAOE = AWESOME!.

Were you Firestorm Material?


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Subject: Camelot Flashback - VN Reading!
I love this thread....


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