Author Topic: A Companion
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Subject: A Companion

remember the party games at the dorm
one particular night you were in great form
changed my clothes for a fancy dress
then made sure i was a real mess
starting on the rum and coke
i felt so dizzy, that's no joke
soon enough i was drunk as a skunk
the stereo blasting out the funk
wanting to go out for some fresh air
lost my balance and tumbled down the stairs

fell flat on my face
such a disgrace
didn't want to be in that place
.. and you just laughed out loud

i wanna hug you in half
squeeze you till it hurts
tear you down
strip you bare
and hold you till my heart beats no more

there was that time we went to the bar
a short drive, it really wasn't all that far
a few friends arrived soon after us
thus we were at half a dozen plus
the mechanical bull looked so inviting
if i could ride it my fame would be rising
turn it up and let it loose
i ain't no little sissy goose
the timing came courtesy of matt
i hit the deck at 2 seconds flat

felt so like a dick
hurt like a prick
expected my mates to give me stick
.. and you just handed me a beer

i wanna hug you in half
squeeze you till it hurts
tear you down
strip you bare
cause you are the only one who's real

i had a crush once on a girl i knew
it all started with a kiss she blew
felt so elated when we made a date
paid for the tickets to meet at the gate
the gig went off and it was a blast
little did i know it would not last
we went backstage to meet the band
where they had erected a special stand
she was there only to score
my heart sank right through the floor

felt so crushed inside
wanted to die
could not breathe not even a sigh
.. and you just sat down next to me

cause you are the one who cares
the one who gives a damn
who understands
who sticks around
who's there for me in my darkest hour


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Subject: A Companion
Cool song.


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