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Subject: Tuesday
Only one more normal Tuesday to go after today dancing dancing dancing dancing , then just have a final and then done

Tuesdays have sucked this semester, first class starts at 8:30 A.M last class gets out at 9:30 P.M, do have a 3 or 4 hour break, close to 10 hours of classes in one day. beatup beatup beatup beatup beatup


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Subject: Tuesday
go study!


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Subject: Tuesday
I have decided to forego studying for my finals until the day of. More like browse over notes. Anytime I study for a test I do worse. So long as I pay attention during the semester and keep up I generally do pretty good.

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Subject: Tuesday
my son usually stays up most of the night studying for a final


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Subject: Tuesday
I rarely studied in college..

occasionally for a physics w/ calc test.. and with calc itself.. but rarely anytime else


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