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Subject: Guild banner /logo for a website
Hi all - not sure if anyone does this hear.. I'm EXTREMELY art stupid.. but a bunch of LONG time players from Dark Ages of Camelot (since day 1) are coming together to play Rift. We have a website, and are naming ourselves "WE REMAIN"... lots of obvious reasons for that.

I don't know if i can come here for this - but was wondering if someone could make us a guild Logo / Banner for the top of the page. Really looking for something that shows a few people standing over fallen people - Riftish - Victorious... etc.

our website is if you wanna take a look. (no www. in front of it happy )

Would be EXTREMELY appreciated!

Thanks ahead of time, and if not.. then its quite alright happy


Since this board is closing anyway. Love though Sig
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