Author Topic: A new web based game authoring platform.
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Subject: A new web based game authoring platform.
Early next year, we plan on releasing a new kind of web collaboration software for creating and sharing web apps and 3d online games. It is called oTakhi Platform. The most unique feature of this platform is that it allows you to transform the web into reusable LEGO-like 'objects' that can be shared and combined to form applications. It embeds OGRE game engine allowing you to create real-time 3D games using mostly drag & drop.

The following features are included:

(1) collision detection.
(2) creating joints between any two objects.
(3) real-time physics simulation. (mass, force, torque, velocity, and acceleration.)
(4) particle systems.
(5) extensive social networking features.
(6) white board.

We are very interested in your feedback.

Here is a snapshot of the software in action.

And a few preview videos.

More information is available here:

Hope this is a correct board for posting.

Happy new year to all.



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