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Subject: Dune
I just finished reading Dune, by Frank Herbert. I really enjoyed the book, well written and a great story. However, I've heard mixed reviews about the remaining books in the series, I was wanting to know what the community here thought of the remaining books. Is it worth it to go on?


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Subject: Dune
i don't think frank herbert completely goes off the deep end until god emperor of dune. i wouldn't call the books bad at that point but they don't have the same feel to me as the first three books. to be honest the second and third books should have been a single book too. at any rate read up through at least children of dune. once you hit that point i'd go back and read the prequel novels by brian herbert and kevin j. anderson.

if you want the whole story its worth reading on from good emperor of dune but for me those books felt like they lacked something the first three books and the prequel books had. even the two finale books were no where near as good as the prequels even though they were written by the same people. they were worth reading to finish out the story but they just weren't as good for some reason.

they've been releasing some side books recently that cover missing points of history during the original dune saga and those are decent, but i'd read all the other books before getting into those.


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Subject: Dune
I got up to God Emperor then got into my freshman year of College. Overall though I just love Dune. No matter how the rest of the series is, that first book is a classic. Love the 80s movie as well.


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Subject: Dune
I love the first book. one of the best sci-fi books I've read. The rest are... meh..

Okay, but nothing special.


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Subject: Dune
Everything except the last two Dune books by frank Herbert are great. Chapterhouse and Heretics aren't bad.
Avoid everything his son and Kevin J Anderson wrote. Its horrible, nothing better than fanfiction. Giving one of the worst star wars book authors Dune was one of the worst ideas in history.


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Subject: Dune
I owned like 10 of 'em and read the 1st main one also and it was great, then I talked to my cousin who read others and he basically said it wasn't worth it.


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