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Subject: Libraries
Not a one particular book, but a friend and I spent the weekend in the West Cliff, Colorado - population 563 (aka Wet Mountains, aka Fourteeners Mountain Range) a couple weeks back. We were there at night on our way to a 4 wheeler trail on Fourteeners. As we walked around town I noticed they had a library, of course it was closed. I cannot get the library out of my head!!!

I really want to go back and see what type of books are there! Anyone else have this happen to them?

Anyone else have such an experience? or been in a small town library as such? What is on their shelves? I bet I could spend hours in that library and not be done!

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Subject: Libraries
you need to find some true old fashion used bookstores to browse in. they typically blow library collections away.


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Subject: Libraries
when I grew up in Lyons Colorado I use to love their little library.


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Subject: Libraries
I can't read library books because I can't get over the images of grubby hands all over the pages.


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Subject: Libraries
i can't read library books because of the smell.


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Subject: Libraries
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Subject: Libraries
Small, old libraries are cool. But I agree with the above post about used bookstores. Lots of gold there. (though these treasures, too, may have the stank of "old book" in abundance)


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