Author Topic: Scolding a Troll
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Subject: Scolding a Troll
OMG so I was reading and came upon some article about synthetic life being created

Anyway an aethist comes on and says:

"Hmph, just wait, all sorts of Religious groups are gonna come out screaming, " how dare they immitate god's work" or some other nonsense like that. They're just getting mad that technology and science are making god(s) more obsolete every day."

This bait brought tons of aruements, pretty epic but then I came across this post gem.

"lol, leave it to either a crazy Christian zealot or a crazy Atheist zealot to PURPOSELY bring up religion, when not at all relevant to the topic. In this case, an atheist. Congrats! Hope you're proud of yourself in creating conflict and an unrelated debate. How very "logical."
Doesn't matter how smart you think you are "illogical atheist." Fact is, you're still so un-evolved to cause things like this instead of being an example to lead humanity to a promising future with a peaceful, logical, reasonable, cooperative society. If that future is sure don't show yourself as a good candidate to get us there.
You can't even control holding back divisive, unrelated, digressing comments, or be able to think 4 dimensionally (skills humans SHOULD be good at compared to other animals) and see what you'll cause instead of letting this discussion be about the actual topic, which I personally thought was EXTREMELY interesting and important...and not something to distract from. But your logic didn't seem to think so; your logic seemed to be, I'll say something dumb and plant a seed! Let me act like a stereotypical internet-argument-instigator, and pretend I'll "just wait" when I'm actually the one starting it!
I won't go through all 5-dimensional probabilities, but you'll either understand my point and realize your mistake (if you're advanced, intelligent, and evolved enough), or you'll succumb to your animal instincts, respond emotionally, probably angry or at the very least from an innate reactive / defense response. or some random person will respond, but I don't care; you've all killed this article's comments already anyway. The lowest instincts and animal behavior at its worst....veiled as "debate" or "discussion," mentally framed to ignore its irrelevance and futility."

Anyway it's pretty hilarious.


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