Author Topic: Toddler Safe Blinds, Curtains, Drapes?
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Subject: Toddler Safe Blinds, Curtains, Drapes?
Ok, I need some sort of window covering for the toddlers' room. I put them in the larged bedroom which also has a larger window. Due to their recent extracurricular activites invovling the blinds, the blinds have been taken down. They were a safety hazard. However their window faces the front of hte hosue and the road and I don't want car lights shining in all teh time and during the summer it gets hot in their room if there's not some sort of covering.

So what can I put up that will stay up and be safe? Suggestions?

Horizontal Blinds - Bad. They can get hung up in them and the pull cord and since my little boy is a monkey he climbs everything possible.

Vertical Blinds? - I can see these being a mess and getting yanked down and swung in and out and to the side and I'd have to attach the pull cord way up high. Has anyone used them though? thoughts?

Drapes - Mmmm...they're good at pulling down curtain rods. I thought about getting a heavy duty set up and just putting that up with some basic cloth drapes.


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Subject: Toddler Safe Blinds, Curtains, Drapes?

Drapes and a cheap plastic rod that will come down easily without ripping the mount off the wall? If the rod is short enough that it just fits into the mount it should pop out easily when someone starts pulling on things.

A couple times taking that down might discourage climbing. (I'm so glad mine has avoided that one. I was a bad climber myself. Got to the top of a big spruce in our front yard when I was less than 3. Mom lived and I climbed down by myself.)


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Subject: Toddler Safe Blinds, Curtains, Drapes?
We have vertical blinds that don't use a cord. They have a rod that you turn to open/close the individual blinds and you just push the rod to move all of them to one side. I have them in my four year old's room and never worry about safety with them. They also keep it pretty dark in her room - we bought the 'wavy' ones that fit together when they're closed. They look like curtains from the outside. We bought them from Home Depot.



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Subject: Toddler Safe Blinds, Curtains, Drapes?
I put these in the twins windows

had to get 3 of 32x48 and one larger. They can trim to custom fit windows.


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Subject: Toddler Safe Blinds, Curtains, Drapes?
So far with my 2 kids I've found that teaching them what they can and cannot touch, hang off of, rip, scribble on etc. was much, much more effective than any childproofing stuff we tried. Of course we can't watch them 24/7, but if you screw in a curtain rod properly, a hanging toddler shouldn't rip it out anyway.

My little one, at 1 1/2 would put ON the dishwasher safety clip when at Nana's house when it was taken off because she knew it was supposed to be on there... same with the cupboard locks!!


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Subject: Toddler Safe Blinds, Curtains, Drapes?
I got one of those moen double robe hooks it was like $7, i put it up towards the top of the window and did a figure 8 wrap with the horizontle blind cord in my daughters room, also put her dresser infront of the window, she can't really get to the blinds.


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