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Subject: iso some help
would anyone be able to make a complimentary design for me for my guild website?

or possible reccomend a site that i could do it myself?

am looking for complimentary colors that just say the Welcome to the Dragons Lair! that can replace the one thats there now.


website is under construction so please excuse the eye bleeding colors, im still working on the banner to remove that tan backround so it compliments that as well.

any help or suggestions is appreciated. website is due for some major overhauls and im a newb



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Subject: iso some help
You could try googling for things like website color palette or website color theme. Here are a few that look interesting:

Based solely on the name of your guild, it makes me think of a dark blue/yellow-orange complementary color scheme. For example, using the first website above, click "complement" at the top, and pick a blueish color as the primary color. Then if you want, click "Adjust Scheme" in the lower left, and change the brightness/contrast as you see fit. E.g.:

And just as a matter of personal opinion, I'd recommend against using textured backgrounds, especially for text and headers.


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Subject: iso some help
Freewebs has premade layouts and easy to use interfaces.
Then it's just a matter of linking forums.


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