Author Topic: Parents Beware!!!
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Subject: Parents Beware!!!
There is a such thing as Customer Review Trolls! tongue

[quote]By Jimmy Dean "JD" (Sausagetown) - See all my reviews

This is the worst cell phone i've ever owned. It took me 3 days to figure out how to turn it on. I barely get any service, bluetooth is not compatible with it, and texting is so hard on it. Would not recommend to anyone. [/quote]

A One Star review for the following item:

This is one of my children's favorite toys. They both have loved it dearly and no doubt the third will feel the same.


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Title: CAUTION: May be hot!
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Subject: Parents Beware!!!


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Title: Wat do?
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Subject: Parents Beware!!!
lol here is one of the comments in response to his "review":

"Without your low rating, I have calculated that the top portion of the last star would have been completely orange, thereby attracting 4,995 more buyers! On the bright side, Baby Einstein has likely retained one more lawyer to sort through this mess you've created, offsetting the economical implications of the loss sales. No harm, no foul!"


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Title: Yes, they are real
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Subject: Parents Beware!!!
LOL laugh


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