Author Topic: Asking for some help!
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Subject: Asking for some help!
Well, maybe this can sound "strange" but im asking for some help to win a prize... That prize is going to seem my gf that is at Colombia atm! Let me explain this... hehe

Well, theres a company that is giving away 3 free flights wherever you want, to see someone from your family or someone that you miss. Thing is that its from voting! And im really missing alot of votes! (took my friends, my family and so to help me out). Its pretty easy... you just need to go to the link, click on "VOTAME", then put your e-mail and "VALIDAR". You will recieve an email that you need to validate, to confirm your vote (its from General Optica, the company that is doing this). Just click on the link and its done, its just 2 mins! hehehe

And dont worry, no spam guaranteed, its just to confirm your vote ^_^. So if you want to help just enter on this link

Thanks ALOT =)

PS: Sorry for my english, im spanish!

EDIT: Btw, sorry if this isnt the place to post this sort of things, but i didnt find any "love forums", or travel ones... :/ So just though this would fit here!


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Title: Have trike will babble
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Subject: Asking for some help!
No, this is definitely not the board for this sort of thing.



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